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What we are

The Oldenburg Kulturetage

A centre for culture and communication with an offer to people of all ages. A socio-cultural centre claiming to offer cultural events to people from all walks of life.

Annually, more than seventy concerts and eighty theatre productions as well as numerous readings, film evenings, cabaret shows, and parties take place, guaranteeing exciting entertainment but also critical discussions dealing with questions of art and contemporary issues.

We do not only work as a cultural agent, but also stage our own theatre productions under the label of ›k-productions‹. Alongside established and well-tried forms we are developing new, surprising and experimental material in all areas. This also happens within the scope of the ›Youth club of the Kulturetage‹ by and for the target group and socio-cultural projects of every kind.

So the Kulturetage is more than just a stage. We want our events to be an exciting experience for artists and audiences as well rather than just arbitrary or trivial ones.

In addition, our institution is a cultural interface for Oldenburg and the region, providing stimuli in order to strengthen cultural networking and to sustainably enrichen the quality of life in Oldenburg.

The whole Kulturetage complex of buildings is a ‹cultural total work of art‹, housing several different host institutions (Medienbüro, LiberTango, Kulturbüro Nord, local broadcaster Oldenburg 1, the newspaper for the elderly of the ”Werkstatt für Medienarbeit‹ etc.) that independently and in conjunction constitute or establish a forum where to meet and exchange, for production and consumption, for regional and international contacts.

Kulturetage Ltd. is an entrepreneurially successful Tendenzbetrieb (literally ‹tendential establishment”) company with fixed public aid. We consider it as an opportunity to again and again strike the difficult balance between federal cultural assignment (via public means by federal state and town council) and our own economical capabilities and necessities.

With more than 50 000 visitors annually, we are one of the biggest cultural institutions of the city of Oldenburg, presenting the Oldenburg Kultursommer with more than 90 events for an audience of 60.000 and making it one of the biggest cultural festivals in the northwest of Germany.

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